Friday, May 8, 2009

The Amazing Chase (Updated)

Today is my daughter's 18th birthday party! And she wanted to have a BIG party! She wants it to be fun and be the party of the year. No pressure here! A couple of years ago I did a survivor party for my 13th yr old and that turned out great. Now how can I top that? Well, we are having an amazing chase. Yep! just like The Amazing Race. She invited 20 people... So after tie dying 20 shirts we have our teams! My talented sister did the shirts and then airbrushed the kids' names on the back of them.. Now onto the race...We have a bakery in town that sells he man donuts. Yep! they are shaped like a person! So, my first clue of course had to be about Heman and the Masters of the Universe. Do you think these kids will even have a clue? First Clue: This cartoon character was a prince turned warrior. "By the power of grayskull" He also had an enemy named skeletor. He also is a kids favorite here in town. But he is a little more on the sweeter side! Do you think they will get it? If they figure it out then they go to the bakery and eat a Heman! lol
This is just the start to their many destinations! I am making a giant cookie and decorating it like a million dollar check for the winners. I will take pics and post them a little later. Also, they have to do this on foot! No cheating with their cars!

Well It's over now......Whew! They all had fun! My job is done....They had a little trouble but they all did good~ The blue team stayed in the lead for a bit. But pink was right behind them...But the best was the orange who was in last..They were the first to the final destination! Here are some pics......

The Birthday Girl!
The Teams

First Clue

And their off!

The Check!

The Winners! Yay!