Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Better A Little Late Than Never

Well, I have had this blog since 2007. Yep! That's right. I am a bad blogger. I started this blog to do as it says. Come Out Of My Shell! I didn't realize it would take me 2 years to do it. I am very shy and like to keep to myself. So, I created this place to come out. I have so many ideas and I get lots of inspiration looking at other people's blogs. I never used to be like this. This blog will be my journey to trying new things. I have a few goals I would like to achieve. My first and foremost is losing weight. Oh yeah the battle of the bulge is here. And I am tired of the 2 chicks that have been following me around the last 15 years. I have tried telling them to leave but they just wouldn't go. So, now I am taking charge and leaving them with the extra pounds.(lol) My next goal is to do more with my talent. I can do so much but yet I don't. That could be lack of motivation.(aka those 2 people I have been carrying around with me) I look forward to watching the biggest loser every tuesday. And I think WOW I can do that. But then I don't. I think where's that bag of chips to eat while I am watching this.... So today is the first day of my new journey. I made a cute book to write down what I ate. They say thats important. I think it just takes up some time so your not putting some food in the old mouth.

I made this wonderful crepe filled with strawberries
I couldn't find a healthy version so I came up with my own.
1/4 c whole wheat flour
1 egg white
2T skim milk
2T water
Mix the egg white and flour together. Yes this becomes a little stiff. Then add the milk and water. It will be a little lumpy. I use a whisk. Then heat your pan with cooking spray. Cook til you can flip it without breaking it. Then flip and cook til it's done. I used strawberries with some splenda. Then I poured over Walden Farms calorie free strawberry syrup.(Gotta love this stuff! Zero everything!) Then to dress it up I put a dollop of cool whip and drizzled Smuckers sugar free hot fudge. I thought it looked to good to eat. But I did and it was delicious. Hard to believe that it was under 200 calories!